Ras Roop Caterers Pvt. Ltd.

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Ras Roop Caterers add color to your wedding day and spice up your palate and that of your guests offering you a wide variety of healthy and delicious cuisine.

The MD Umesh sheth & production manager Chaitali sheth (IHM) design personally have consultation with you , to design a suitable exclusive menu for you.

Deals with vegetarian cuisine specialized in Gujarati, Marwari, Punjabi, Sindhi, South Indian and Continental delicacies. It caters vegetarian food and enjoys monopoly rights at Multiple Banquet Halls  and Grounds. To suit the style and taste of each clientele, we have persistently been upgrading because ‘Excellence is a Journey, not a Destination.’

Our objective is to be recognized as a catering company that strives to score through widespread preparation, impeccable service and personal attention. We offer a complete range of Menu’s to suit all tastes & budgets, including an extensive selection of Vegetarian options.

Ras Roop is the only catering company that has adopted vertical integration. We have our own farm with the name of ‘Ankur Farms’ at Vada (Thane district) where we grow grains, pulses, mogra, marigold, sunflower, etc. The sunflower seeds are used to make refined oil, which in turn is used in our cooking. We also use exotic organic vegetables like Broccoli, Chinese cabbage and Capsicum grown here. This surely proves how deep rooted we are into this field.

We strive to maintain the same original, authentic, high quality taste along with our constant effort to provide personalized services to our guests. This culture has been deep rooted by our founder Shri Indubhai Sheth carried on by our MD Umesh Sheth and now taking to greater horizon is Ms Chaitali Sheth. So, enter our dining area and be a guest at your own function.[/full_row]